Are You Running On Empty?

How are you feeling at the moment? The change of weather seems to be doing nothing for anyone…including me.

I like to get my newsletter’s out on a Monday and because of the lack of energy I’ve had it’s taken me until Thursday (today), to be able have enough energy to get this done!

I’ve been sleeping like a baby every night, but also every day this week I’ve been having 3 hour sleeps (not naps – seems too long to qualify as a ‘nap’) in the day time too!

I am struggling! 

So what’s to blame?

Everyone, of course, have their own stressors in their lives. I, for one, do not have any kids or the stressors of a mortgage to pay for so that makes my life a little easier.

However, I do have the stressors of running my own business, looking after 90 members, being my own sales team, accountant (all those who are self employed will understand).. the list is never ending when self employed… Not to mention, I will be competing in Europe’s Strongest Woman in just over 3 weeks which is a stressor in itself!

Change in weather…no holiday this year, brutal training regime this whole year… I mean, the list could be never ending for ALL of us! 

So, what are my plans to get me back on the road, increase my ‘mojo’ for life and work again and just a general ‘pick me up?’

First things first, keeping on track of food is extremely important – but not OVER stressing about it. To me, especially in this time of year, I make sure that my 3-4 meals I have a day are comprised of good foods. Around that and weekends I am a bit more relaxed and I in my mind I’m happy with that – so it’s one less stress to think about.

2 – I’m keeping on track with my vitamins and minerals! Vitamin D is a HUGE immune booster. For as long as I can remember, I’ve luckily not succumbed to the illnesses most people get over winter. Today i’ve woken up with a bit of a sore throat so I’m making sure to keep on top of this! Vitamin D, Omega 3’s (as they’re anti-inflammatory) and also Adrenal Extra everyday. (You’re adrenals are what secrete your stress hormones and if over working can contribute heavily to fatigue, so incase my adrenals are stressed out, I want to support these as much as possible).

3 – Luckily for and working from home, I can sleep when and if I need too. Sleep is extremely important to allow our bodies to detoxify of nasty’s and help our bodies recover. So if my body want’s sleep I’m going to listen.

Food, Supplements and Sleep! 3 of the biggest contributors – when they’re out of whack, so does your health.

All the supplements I am currently taking can be bought through Nutri Advanced website if you too need an immune boosting package to get you through the winter months! 

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